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Are you looking for an AC repair service in Dubai, United Arab Emirates? We are sure it’s hard to regularly maintain all appliances at your workplace or home. To save you the hassle, we have come up with home services in Dubai, United Arab Emirates that will also provide you with a professional AC repair services. Our technicians are well-trained, experienced, and are the best in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. Whether you need to get your AC checked, repaired, maintained, or even replaced, we have it all covered. We are just one click away, so you can schedule your booking according to your convenience. Our technician will at your doorstep in a few hours. We are more than happy to help you, so reach us if you need any help for AC repair service in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

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Find top-class reliable Ac Service And Repair services at your convenience in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. * Highly trained professionals * Schedule this as per your availability * Fixed and best prices.

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About Ac Service And Repair

Like any other machinery, an appliance such as AC needs to be maintained and looked after for its healthy functioning. Hence, the appliance should receive a proper service before the start of summer season. After all, nothing can be worse than a broken or faulty AC. Hunting a service personnel for AC repair in the sultry weather can be a hassle. You can now book a professional either for service and repair within minutes from your home. You don’t even need to clear your schedule as you can choose your desirable time slot. Urban Company’s AC repair service has proven to be a blessing for our customers as we continue to receive happy testimonials and ratings from our customers.

How it works?

To find the best professionals near you in no time, you just need to go on the Urban Company website or App and search for ‘AC Repair’ in the search tab. A pop up tab will open up wherein you will need to fill in the details according to your requirements. Questions such as what kind of service is required – split AC or window AC, location, time, etc. compromise the questionnaire. Once your request is uploaded on the portal, a professional will be at your doorstep at your requested time and location.

Services offered in AC Service and Repair

  • Installing an AC: Choose this service for AC installation at your place. The professional will ensure that the AC is running properly as gas pressure and performance of the appliance will be checked post AC installation.
  • Uninstalling an existing AC: Select this option when you need professionals to dismount an AC. The appliance will be checked before the AC uninstallation.
  • Wet services: This service includes an end to end cleaning of your AC (which is not faulty). Cooling coils, condenser coils, outer panel, drain and filet pipes will be extensively cleaned and washed. However, high-pressure jet pumps will not be used for the cleaning purpose. Tick this service when you want your AC to be properly cleaned.
  • Repairs: Choose this option for diagnosis and repair of your AC. The professional will check the AC upon visitation and provide with quotation depending on the condition of the appliance.

AC Repair in Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Every Dubai, United Arab Emirates resident who has had some problems with their air conditioning will know the critical need to keep their AC working in perfect order. With temperatures nearly touching 50 degrees Celsius in the summer, a minor problem in the AC can cause havoc in your day-to-day schedule. Experts recommend getting the best AC maintenance each year before summer starts, and we agree.

There are quite a few air conditioning services in Dubai, United Arab Emirates and sometimes it becomes a bit difficult to find the right one for your needs. The reasons can be many. For instance, some may only offer central AC maintenance services while others may look at specific brands such as serving as an LG AC service centre and only take care of that particular brand of equipment. Similarly, some of the centres may look at split AC maintenance while others provide all types of AC maintenance services in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

At Urban Company, we help you find the right AC repair companies for your needs. Whether you need emergency AC repair or specific services such as AC duct cleaning, we help you find the expert that can take care of your air conditioning maintenance needs at the time and price point that are convenient for you.

AC Maintenance in Dubai, United Arab Emirates: 6 Reasons Why You Need It

There are innumerable reasons why you should make AC maintenance a routine activity. In this section, we look at 6 reasons why hiring an AC cleaning company in Dubai, United Arab Emirates every 2 months makes so much sense.

  • Improve Indoor Air Quality: Studies show that regular AC cleaning leads to a significant reduction in mould, dust mites, harmful bacteria and other air pollutants inside the house. This is especially so if you have rugs and carpets inside the house that trap dust and become a breeding ground for insects that then get into the air and become the primary cause for allergies, fever and other illnesses. Regular maintenance and AC fixing ensure that the air filters trap the necessary dust and pollutants and only release clean air inside your home. This is the primary reason why hiring an AC repair in Dubai, United Arab Emirates regularly is an absolute must.
  • Prevent AC Problems: Your HVAC systems run on a continuous basis in the summer and like all equipment, it can suffer a breakdown if it is not taken care of. Compare the need for repair to the need for getting your car serviced. During servicing, the mechanics will get the car ac repair work done also even though your car AC does not run for as long as your home AC. This is because regular wear and tear can lead to problems in your vehicle’s air conditioning system. The same logic applies to your home air conditioner repair also. Taking care of it on a regular basis will prevent any problems that might otherwise occur.
  • Increase Equipment Lifespan: Simple steps like AC filter cleaning, AC coil cleaning or checking the gas and topping it up can increase the lifespan of your AC. Getting AC deep cleaning in Dubai, United Arab Emirates will help identify reasons that might reduce the life of the air conditioner. Corrosions, wear and tears, rust, etc. can be identified and taken care of by the air conditioning repair company.
  • Reduce Utility Bills: An efficient AC can reduce your utility bills significantly. AC service in Dubai, United Arab Emirates helps the machine perform its tasks with efficiency. Even in temperatures touching 50 degree Celsius, your HVACs will continue to cool your home and make the day pleasant for you and your family.
  • Save Time and Money: Using us to take care of your AC repair in Dubai, United Arab Emirates helps you save both time and money. For example, you can select the time you would like our technicians to come to your home or office and take care of the AC repair. You can also select the AC cleaning company whose prices you like from among some of the best air conditioning companies in Dubai, United Arab Emirates who have partnered with us and send you their quotes.
  • Take Care of Family: Having a smoothly running AC helps you take care of your family members also. As we mentioned, clean air filters ensure they trap the dust and other pollutants making your loved ones breathe cleaner and purer air. The cooling also helps them and you to stay relaxed and calm without any stress. Imagine if the AC is not serviced and it conks off in the middle of the night. Would you have problems? You bet.

AC Service in Dubai, United Arab Emirates: What Do We Offer?

Our AC services encompass everything from installation and un-installation to maintenance and emergency repairs. Let’s us take a look.

  • Installation Services: We offer central AC installation services as well as split AC installation in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. We can take care of any type of home from low rise to high-rise apartments. Our experts ensure every task from gas pressure to coiling for every AC have been completed according to the air conditioning companies’ prescribed standards. If you are moving houses, you don’t have to call the York AC service centre or ACDelco service centre in Dubai, United Arab Emirates to take care of the installation. We will do it for you.
  • Un-installation Services: Moving houses or even offices becomes a no-hassle job with our experts to help you un-install your AC. Our AC repair technicians check every aspect of the AC before taking it out so you know what is working and what is not. This helps you repair any problem before you install the AC in your new location.
  • Wet Services: Our AC services in Dubai, United Arab Emirates take care of all AC deep cleaning needs you may have. Every aspect such as AC duct cleaning, AC coil cleaning, and AC filter cleaning becomes easier with us around. Our experts extensively wash and clean the outer panel, drain and filet pipes also. All of this is done without high-pressure jet pumps to prevent any dirty water spills. Our wet services are part of our central or stand-alone split ac service jobs. Some of the work we do includes:- Filter Cleaning
    – Vent Cleaning
    – Water Tray Cleaning
    – Drain Pipe Flushing
    – Gas Check and Top-Ups
    – Coil Cleaning
    – Interior Parts Cleaning
    – Maintenance Checks
  • Emergency Repairs: Sometimes despite the best precautions, problems can occur in the AC. Our AC repair technicians can take care of such emergencies whether it is a central HVAC or a split AC repair job. After you have booked an appointment, they will visit your home or office, look at the problem and give you a quotation. Then once you give the go-ahead, they will repair the problem and test the AC thoroughly afterwards to ensure the problem does not occur again.

Cost of Hiring an AC Cleaning Company in Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Even though cost is the primary factor that people look at when it comes to hiring any AC repair or maintenance company in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, it should not be so. For instance, one firm may specialise in stand-alone home AC repair while another looks at office ACs. Again, one company may specialise in a specific brand like LG or York while another might offer generic maintenance services for all ACs.

What you need will determine which AC service company you choose. At Urban Company, we try to offer you specific prices for a specific service. If you are searching for “AC cleaning Dubai, United Arab Emirates price” or “AC duct cleaning Dubai, United Arab Emirates price” you may find your result when you check our app or our website. Here are the prices for your reference:

Benefits of Getting AC Installation, Maintenance or Emergency AC Repair in Dubai, United Arab Emirates from Urban Company

We partner with the best AC repair and maintenance services experts in Dubai, United Arab Emirates to bring you these services at a very discounted and yet standardised prices. We have taken away the unclear aspects from the cost and the services so you know exactly what you get.

Here are some benefits of choosing AC installation, maintenance or emergency AC repair in Dubai, United Arab Emirates from Urban Company:

  • Vetted Professionals: With us, you get only the best professionals in the Emirate to help you. Moreover, we have vetted them for their expertise and even trained them on specific services. Whether you want a specific service like topping up the gas or get AC deep cleaning and AC duct cleaning done, you get experts who can take care of the job to your specific requirements.
  • Additional Work: Any AC maintenance job can throw up surprises. For instance, our expert may open the outside panels of your air conditioning unit and see corrosion in the inside pipes which they may have to repair. Typically they can take care of the work on their own instead of you having to run to, say, an LG AC service centre, a York AC service centre or an ACDelco service centre in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. But do note, the cost for these parts will usually be in addition to the service charges.
  • Unambiguous Prices and Services: There is no ambiguity about our charges. As you can see from the above rates, which you get to see also on our app and website, the prices for each service has been defined. In addition, the services you get under each category of service has been defined also. This ensures you do not have any problems estimating the cost. The only catch is if your AC need any additional repair work that is not covered under our AC service in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, in which case you pay for the parts as needed.

Other Urban Company Services

In addition to AC repair Dubai, United Arab Emirates services we also offer a host of other services to make your life stress free.

Packers and Movers: If you are moving house, then we have some of the most professional packers and movers companies in Dubai, United Arab Emirates to take care of your every logistics need. In fact, if you are simply moving a couple of ACs from one apartment to another, you can give us a call and we will take care of that.

Electricians: If you want to get some new wiring done for your AC or intend to place the power point someplace else, our electricians are what you need. Additionally, they can take care of every electrical need you may have from rewiring the entire home to fitting in new lines for a room.

Painters: Your home needs a new paint job every few years and it makes sense to hire our painters to get the job done. You can also engage our artists to re-do your office space if you are moving to a new one or simply refurbishing the old one.

Plumbers: Few problems can be as vexing as a plumbing issue. From getting the plumbing re-done in your home to helping you remove the leaking tap that does not let you sleep, our plumbers can accomplish all your plumbing requirements without any fuss.

Handyman: Our handyman services help you take care of small jobs that need specific tools and skills. For example, if you are wondering how to mount the TV on the wall, then our handyman is whom you need. Similarly, if you want some small work done such as put up curtains, fix doorknobs, etc. then you may use the services of our experts.

Pest Control: If you are moving into a new home or have problems from pests in your existing one then our pest busters are who you need to call. They can take care of every problem from rodents to termites or even minuscule pests that are not visible easily.

Home Deep Cleaning: An essential requirement of every home in Dubai, United Arab Emirates is a deep cleaning every now and then. Deep cleaning not only takes care of the floor space you see but also the dust and grime in places that are not visible every day or even to the naked eye.